Dr. Shahin Bina

Dr. Shahin Issac Bina

Dr. Shahin Bina majored in biochemistry during his undergraduate studies, researching in surgery (kidney transplants) at SUNY Health Care Center, Department of Surgery, and researching in Dentistry at the Department of Oral Biology and Pathology. Dr. Bina attended dental school in Stony Brook, NY, and graduated in 1994. During college, he was a recipient of the President’s Undergraduate Excellence Award from the university’s president.

Dr. Bina has received advanced training through his General Practice Residency at New York Hospital, which is affiliated with Cornell University and has served as a member of the faculty for Comprehensive Care and Applied Practice Administration at the NYU School of Dental Medicine. Dr. Bina continues to advance his education each year, taking courses beyond what is required by the state in order to stay at the forefront of dentistry. He has founded the Bina Dental Institute where he offers continuing education courses to dentists wanting to learn from his expertise in the field of dental surgery, dental implants, and various other topics.

Dr. Bina has practiced for over 25 years in southern California, performing surgical procedures, implant dentistry and root canals for over 30 offices in Los Angeles. He has practiced in his current location since 2014. His extensive experience has given him unique training and perspective and enables him to see each case through the eyes of four different fields of dental specialty. As a result, he has been able to help dentists find better diagnoses of dental issues and is often the person that other dental professionals call to consult.

He is a member of several professional organizations, including:

Dr. Bina is a third-generation dentist. As a dentist, he wants to follow in the footsteps of his father and grandfather and be not only his patients’ dentist but also their friend. Dr. Bina’s great grandfather was a physician of the Royal Family in Iran, and had a hospital named after him by King Reza Pahlavi for his services.

Dr. Bina’s goal is to provide the best possible diagnosis and treatment and to ensure that his patients receive the highest quality of care. He seeks to provide alternative treatment modalities and challenges himself by thinking outside the box. He finds it immensely satisfying to develop treatment plans for his patients that no other dentist can provide, and wants to increase public awareness about issues related to dentistry.

Dr. Bina and his wife have two children. Their daughter is studying at Syracuse University, majoring in Communications, and their son is a senior in high school (and may want to become a dentist, too!). Dr. Bina’s wife is his office manager. Dr. Bina’s hobbies include skiing and riding his motorcycle, and he is considering trying gliding sometime soon!

Meet Our Team

Providing comprehensive dentistry in Encino, California, our team at Encino Cosmetic & Dental Implants is dedicated to offering professional and calming dental care. We strive to offer state-of-the-art care with high-tech equipment and procedures but also soothing, friendly, and knowledgeable chairside manner. We are also proud to have a multilingual team, capable of providing care in English, Farsi, and Spanish. If you have any questions about our team or the services we provide, please call us at 818-907-1818 today.


Kathy — Office Manager

Kathy is the sweetest person you will ever meet. I am so lucky to have her as my beloved wife, as well as part of my staff. She has a big heart and is always on the side of the patient. To know her is to love her.


Devon — Treatment Coordinator

Devon has many years of experience and puts tremendous effort into making sure you get the best benefits from your insurance. She can also help you get financing for your dental treatment. She is a hard-working individual and wears many hats in the office! Despite her hardships as a single mom, she has managed to raise a sweet and wonderful daughter and is always smiling.


Orly — Hygienist

Orly is our sought-after hygienist. You know you have the right hygienist in the office when you repeatedly hear from patients how gentle she is and how they got their best cleaning ever! She is very gentle and caring, and she always checks to see how she can help you to have fewer problems affecting your gum health.


Tabatha — Dental Assistant

Tabatha has joined our team recently, and in a few days working with her, I realized I have one of the best assistants. She is hard working, punctual and funny. She is involved in patient care and always asks intelligent questions and wants to learn. Her chairside manners are great and patients feel they have known her for a long time.

Mia — Dental Assistant

Mia has been working as a dental assistant since 2020. She is very sweet and motivated and has learned a lot very quickly because of her positive attitude. She wants to pursue dentistry and become a dentist.


Naeomi (Naynay) — Dental Assistant

Naynay has many years of experience, is very hard working and is a great asset to our office. Her chairside manners are great, very punctual and responsible. She, too, is one of the best assistants as well.

I consider myself very lucky and blessed to have these great women as my staff. We all are here doing our best for you to get the best dental care possible and the best experience. We want you to join our growing family of patients.

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