Why Is It Necessary to Get a Dental Cleaning?

Why Is It Necessary to Get a Dental Cleaning? from Encino Cosmetic & Dental Implants in Encino, CAVisiting the dentist for a checkup and dental cleaning is not something that most people anticipate cheerfully. Continue reading to learn about the importance of dental cleanings. The well-being of your teeth, mouth, and gums will be jeopardized if you skip your bi-annual dentist appointments. Going in for a checkup and cleanings twice a year allows the dentist to check for cavities and other dental issues.

The importance of getting a dental cleaning regularly

The following are some of the reasons why going for dental cleanings is necessary:

Cleaner mouth

People often claim that they brush and floss their teeth twice daily and wonder why going to the dentist's office for additional cleaning is necessary. A professional examination is required because the dentist can see things on the teeth or gums that patients may miss at home such as plaque and tartar on the teeth, as well as potential gum infections.

Dentists have more advanced equipment to reach every crevice of the mouth and clear both plaque and tartar. Regular dental visits will help keep the teeth clean. The dentist will also offer recommendations to improve oral hygiene at home.

Gum disease prevention

Gingivitis is a serious gum condition caused by tartar that is impossible to clean with toothbrushes or floss. Visiting the dentist twice a year will keep the gums in excellent condition and prevent disease. The dentist will teach patients how to keep their gums healthy.

Early oral cancer detection

Cancer is a major condition, regardless of which aspect of the body it affects. Early detection is critical to successful cancer treatment. The dentist will closely inspect the oral structures for any symptoms of cancer during the cleaning appointment. There is a risk that cancer could go unnoticed if patients miss dental appointments.

Reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases

People may not be aware of why gum disease can cause a stroke. Still, multiple studies have indicated it is a very real possibility due to the close link between gum disease and cardiovascular disease. Cavities can create a channel for bacteria to invade the bloodstream. Since bacteria in the bloodstream can lead to various cardiovascular problems, it is critical to have the teeth cleaned twice a year. The dentist needs to detect the symptoms of developing cavities and gum disease to prevent further complications, such as cardiovascular disease.

Early detection of dental issues

Dental procedures can be costly, but this often happens due to late detection. Oral health complications, such as cavities, loose or broken fillings, can be discovered early and treated promptly with minimally invasive and less costly treatment thanks to biannual dental cleanings. By avoiding routine dental checkups, patients could be putting themselves at risk for developing other health problems. Seeing the dentist regularly allows them to detect any symptoms of dental issues.

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The bottom line

You may think dental visits are a hassle, but going twice a year for dental cleanings and checkup is preferable to having to go in for an emergency. Visiting the dentist regularly will keep your dental health in good condition.

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