What a Regular Dental Exam Does for Cavity Prevention

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Attending a bi-annual dental cleaning and exam has many benefits and at the top of the list is cavity detection and prevention. Removing tartar and plaque is key to ensuring that teeth stay strong and healthy, avoiding decay that can lead to problems down the road. While most brushing takes place outside of the dentist's office, regular exams are a great checkpoint to ensure you are on the right path to a confident, healthy smile. 

What happens at a dental exam?

At a dental exam, the dentist will begin by

  • Cleaning your teeth and removing tartar by scraping it away.
  • Next, they will clean and polish your teeth and walk you through any recommendations they have for your oral health. 
  • They may also take x-rays to examine your jaw and detect signs of issues arising.
  • Finally, the dentist will check your teeth and jaws for any early signs of disease or cancer. They will also walk through the results of your x-rays if you had them taken. 

While the appointment seems simple, it's integral to your oral health to ensure that you are catching any early signs of disease and reversing any habits or behavior that could lead to cavities. One of the best results of a dental exam is discussing areas that you need to focus on.  

Cavity prevention

While your dentist can help educate you on tooth decay and how to build good habits to avoid this issue, it's important to understand exactly what your dentist is helping you avoid. Cavities occur when the hard surface of your teeth becomes damaged, leading to tooth decay. This typically happens when acids wear down the enamel that protects your teeth, creating holes in the tooth.

While cavities are extremely common (almost 80% of Americans have at least one cavity), they are preventable, and in some cases, early detection can help reverse the impact. The most important key to prevention is regular brushing and flossing, which ensures the bacteria in your mouth remains at a healthy level.

Other helpful tips

In addition to proper oral hygiene, cutting back on sugary and starchy foods can also help protect against cavities. If you combine positive cleaning habits with a healthy diet and regular cleanings, you will see the benefits of a healthy smile! 

While most prevention occurs daily, attending your regular dental exams allows your dentist to evaluate your oral health and make recommendations that will help you avoid any further issues. The deep cleaning during a cleaning also helps ensure that your teeth are being routinely scraped of any tartar and buildup that may be difficult to remove with flossing and brushing. 

Attending dental exams is an important step in your oral health that can help prevent cavities. Checking in with your dentist is key to maintaining a healthy smile and catching any issues that may be beginning to surface with your oral health. 

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