The Safety of Laser Teeth Whitening

The Safety of Laser Teeth Whitening from Encino Cosmetic & Dental Implants in Encino, CALaser teeth whitening is becoming a common way to remove stains from teeth. This method can change your smile and help to improve the way you feel about your appearance. Whitening teeth is not a new concept. There are other treatments available, both at home and in the dentist’s office. As you understand the benefits of using lasers to whiten teeth, you can make the right decision for your needs. It is also important to explore the safety of this treatment and any possible side effects.

How teeth stain and what the effects are

A smile is one of the first things people notice about someone else upon meeting them. If a person’s teeth are discolored yellow, gray, or brown, the individual may feel embarrassed or ashamed. It may be difficult for this person to be in social settings. This condition can affect self-esteem.

There are steps people can take to prevent staining on teeth. Diligently brushing twice a day and flossing daily can help. This will remove sugars and starches from teeth, which can discolor them over time. Limiting the intake of beverages such as cola and coffee, as well as certain foods, can keep teeth white. Also, going to the dentist’s office every six months for cleanings can prevent staining.

How laser teeth whitening works

Professional whitening with lasers takes place in the dentist’s office. The patient will come in for one or two sessions that last about an hour each. The person sits or lies in a dental chair while the dentist prepares the treatment. The dentist places a hydrogen peroxide solution and places it in a mouthguard-like apparatus. This goes over the patient’s teeth. Then, the laser activates the chemicals, which then break down the molecules that cause the stains.

Good candidates for the treatment

People over the age of 13 who are not pleased with the color of their teeth should consider laser teeth whitening. It is also a good option for patients who do not have implants or crowns. Porcelain restorations will not change color with the treatment. Good candidates are also people who have tried other methods but have not been happy with the results.

Questions about safety

Before doing any dental treatment, patients should discuss it with their dentist. With laser teeth whitening, the dentist will explain the process and talk about any safety issues that may occur. Patients can take comfort to know that it poses no serious health risks. The dentist and staff will also take every measure possible to ensure that it is an effective procedure.

Side effects

Some people who do laser teeth whitening do experience mild pain and discomfort during the process. There can be some gum irritation during and after the treatment. Following the process, it is possible to have some tooth sensitivity. If any of the gel gets into the patient’s throat, there can be pain and soreness.

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A viable way to change a smile

If you are ready for a smile makeover, talk to your dentist today. Your dentist may be able to do laser teeth whitening. This method can give you the results you want. It also has only minor side effects.

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