How Your Dentist Can Protect Your Gums and Eyes During Laser Teeth Whitening

How Your Dentist Can Protect Your Gums and Eyes During Laser Teeth Whitening  from Encino Cosmetic & Dental Implants in Encino, CAThere are many ways to whiten teeth for a more appealing smile. Professional laser teeth whitening can provide better and longer-lasting results than many at-home options. The quality whitening agents combined with the latest dental technology help produce a favorable outcome for many patients.

However, any type of tooth whitening treatment should be done with precision and care. Failure to use the right type of protection can lead to unnecessary side effects.

Soft Tissue Protection

While the gel used during laser teeth whitening is perfectly safe for teeth and enamel, it can cause irritation to the soft tissues of the mouth. Therefore, dentists often use multiple protection methods to prevent contact with the lips, cheeks, tongue, and gums and to protect against irritation.

Lip retractors

First, the dentist places lip retractors to keep the mouth completely open during treatment. This prevents the lips and cheeks from coming into contact with the teeth and whitening gel while allowing ample space for laser use. The appliance may feel a bit strange, but it should not be uncomfortable and only needs to be worn for a few minutes.

Protective gels

Most dentists apply protective gels before beginning a professional whitening treatment. The coating helps prevent the peroxide whitening agent from coming into direct contact with the soft tissues. The protective gel is usually applied all along the gums and on certain spots inside the lips and cheeks.

Rubber dams

The dentist should brush on the whitening gel with care and precision. Even so, it is possible for some of the gel to make its way to the gum tissues, causing irritation. To prevent this, the dentist may apply rubber dams, which leave only the teeth exposed for treatment.

Though the dentist should take steps to ensure the mouth is completely clean and dry before laser teeth whitening begins, the salivary glands will continue to function. through the process. The use of rubber dams helps prevent saliva from making its way onto the teeth, potentially affecting the treatment process.

Eye Protection

Lasers are used in dentistry for numerous reasons, from killing bacteria and sterilizing to cauterizing a treatment area. They are also used in professional whitening treatments to increase the effectiveness of the whitening gel. When used correctly, lasers are safe and effective, but such high concentrations of bright light can be harmful to a person's vision. As an extra layer of precaution, the dentist can fit the patient with a pair of glasses to help shield the eyes from the powerful light beam. All dental professionals who are present during treatment typically wear a similar type of protective eyewear.

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While laser teeth whitening is a safe way to improve a person's smile, it does require the right preparation and protection to prevent unwanted side effects. Patients should be prepared for any combination of protective methods during treatment. These can help reduce unnecessary risks while prioritizing the patient's oral and overall health.

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