Common Dental Crown Solutions

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Looking into the available dental crown solutions? Crowns are often used to restore damaged teeth and are considered to be a versatile restoration option. For those who want detailed information on crowns, visiting a general dentist is the next step.

About dental crowns

General dentists perform dental crown placement quite often, making them a great choice for anyone who is in need of restoration to make their teeth stronger and/or more cosmetically pleasing. Since there are different types of dental crowns to choose from, it is necessary for those in need to understand their choices, e.g., porcelain crowns, porcelain fused to metal crowns, metal crowns, zirconia crowns.

According to the American Dental Association, a dentist's primary concern is helping individuals keep their teeth healthy and their smile bright.

Why dental crowns are necessary

The list below includes some of the most common ways that general dentists use dental crowns to improve the overall health of their patients.

To protect a weak tooth from breaking

Dental crowns are placed completely over a tooth, which allows a dentist the ability to make a weak tooth stronger. When teeth are weak, they are more likely to break. Once a tooth breaks, it is likely that the tooth will need to undergo root canal therapy in order to repair it. Sometimes a tooth will break so severely that it is no longer capable of being saved, which means it needs to be extracted from the mouth.

To support a tooth that has a large dental filling

When a dental patient has a lot of decay in one or more of their teeth, one of the more common options is placing a dental filling in the tooth in order to restore it. When it is necessary to place a very large filling in the tooth, over time the tooth can become weaker, making it necessary to restore the tooth once again. Placing a crown over the tooth helps give the tooth back its strength, allowing it to work as it is supposed to.

To make teeth look more cosmetically appealing

Dental crowns are not just a restoration option that helps save damaged teeth, they can also be used purely for cosmetic reasons. This means dental patients who want to improve the look of their poorly shaped and/or stained teeth can do so by using one or more dental crowns. This means patients can essentially design the way their smile looks, as general dentists offer patients both restoration and cosmetic dental treatment options.

Find out more about dental crowns

Those who are in need of a dental crown to improve their overall dental health should consult with a general dentist about specifics. While dental crowns are a versatile restoration option, each individual has varying needs, which will dictate the most appropriate course of action. To find out more about dental crowns and their use or to schedule an appointment, reach out today. 

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