Benefits of Dentures With All-on-6 Implants

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All-on-6® dental implants can help patients regain a full arch of dentition. Through this innovative implant technique, you can bypass having 16 individual dental implants in the upper or lower jaw. Because of this, an All-on-6 is a clear option for many patients. If you are thinking of getting an All-on-6 procedure soon, here are its benefits.

Less invasive

If the patient needs a full replacement of 16 teeth in the upper or lower jaw, All-on-6 is a less invasive way to achieve it. Individual dental implants are fine for a few isolated dental spaces along each dental arch. Yet, it would be too traumatic for the patient to have them for each tooth in the upper or lower jaw. The healing time would be longer and more difficult.

Shorter procedure

An All-on-6 procedure is shorter compared to having traditional dental implants. The dentist only needs to attach six titanium rods in either the upper or lower arch. If the patient suffers from bone loss, there is no need for bone grafting anymore. The dentist only needs to place the implants at a specific angle. After placing the temporary overdentures, the patient could go home. Healing takes place in four to six months.

Prevents bone loss

When a person loses a tooth, the jawbone loses the dental roots that stimulate its regeneration and healing. Since the bone does not have a job anymore, the body stops sending nutrients to it. This results in bone loss. With an All-on-6 procedure, the titanium rods act as the dental roots that the patient had lost. The body then senses that there are new roots that need osseointegration and sustaining. This makes the jawbone gain more mass again, allowing stronger bone support for the All-on-6 implants.

Corrects speech problems

Removable dentures usually prevent the patient from enunciating properly. Words come out sounding different when the person speaks. This results in misunderstandings or embarrassment. An All-on-6 procedure provides a stable arch of teeth that stays in place. The new set of teeth attaches with stability, allowing the patient to speak with fervor.

Does not restrict food intake

When a person wears removable dentures, crunchy or hard foods usually cause cracks and breakage. An All-on-6 teeth replacement system allows the patient to eat anything that he or she used to eat with their natural teeth. This makes the patient feel happier and more satisfied with each meal. Having strong replacement teeth is important, especially if there is company at the table.

Alleviates dental worries

Once the All-on-6 system is in place, the patient does not need to worry about tooth decay. This eliminates the need for dental treatments such as fillings, extractions, or root canals. The patient saves up on dental fees, provided the All-on-6 becomes successful. This also frees the patient from spending too much time at the dental clinic.

You can have a brand-new smile with an All-on-6 system

If you have been dealing with the disadvantages of your removable dentures, an All-on-6 procedure will change your life. It can give you a new smile and a new chance at better health. Oral care has significant effects on a person’s general health. With an All-on-6 system, the patient can live better. Talking to your doctor about this treatment can enlighten you more and start the process right away.

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